Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Back once again.

Ok So I’ve been away for quite a long time and I could go on an on about why I haven’t posted since I opened this blog but that doesn’t matter.

So here’s the thing. I haven’t altered my army since I started and with Christmas that season of coercing innocent family members in to investing in your hobby fast approaching, its time to make some changes.

I have my colour scheme down as you have seen and although due to a lack of paint not everyone is finished (But a family member has already been given that wish list) I’m happy with the results.

I am looking at how to expand my army from a Battleforce with a Broadside and two more Battlesuits added in, to a more rounded and more importantly larger army.

My first thoughts were to get rid of the Kroot as up till now I haven’t had much joy with them and most games end up with them running off the table.

But this would leave me with a hole where some close assault should be. The answer I thought was to bring in Farsight and all his minions as a close assault team but I’m having second thoughts.

Manly due to the bad reports of Farsight armys and the many many good reports of Kroot attacks.

So the question I’m asking to the world at large is… Where next? Shall I get rid of the Kroot or increase their number. Shall I bring in Farsight and armfuls of XV8’s

I mainly fight a Demon Hunters or Dark Angles Army’s so need lots of anti terminator.

I know that I Defiantly want more Broadsides and a couple of Hammerheads.

And my fast attack plan has always been just Piranhas. But I’m open to any suggestions

So please give me your thought’s and guidance

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fall in

Ok so what have I got. I started with Standard battleforce then added an additional XV8 and an XV8 Commander plus a Kroot Shaper as the additional save it give the guys is better than none.
I have started the painting and decided on rough colour schemes and managed to get 8 Fireworriors painted. the colours as you can see are a dark grey base with light grey armor and orange acents. i like the light grey / dark grey contrast and the way the orange pops from the models but still feel they are missing something. Im not sure about what details I have to add and where so if you have any suggestions that would be great.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

So lets get started..

Before now I had only experienced 40k through a un-expected Chrismas present a good few years ago which quickly set aside and forgotten. After a friend (Karitas) got back in to it and invited me over for a game I soon found myself on Wayland choosing my new army. I first Chose Tau because I liked the models, they were different to all the one's I remember growing up and I also liked their fighting style (shooting from a long distance then getting back in the transport and clearing off). So now here I am starting a Blog, I'm not sure what it is I'm going to post on here but after seeing the C&C that Karitas has recived I felt it would be the best place to start learning the new skills I need to master and get some help and advice along the way.