Monday, 26 April 2010

Trial by Air Brush

Well I'm finally back on the painting table. Its been a while since I held a brush in anger and didn't know where to start. All of my current army is built and filling up my "to be painted" list and having played most of my game un-painted so far I have a real thirst for colour. The dynamic Stealth suits modelled by Karitas are itching for spiffy paint job.

Talking of Karitas some of you my know that he built and painted some Kroot for me. the main reasons for doing this was that its stopped me from constantly moaning that I didn't know how to best paint the little monsters and also It gave Karitas a reason to try making a tutorial on airbrushing.

So having spent the best part of a week on and off editing the video for him I caught the airbrushing bug but decided to try it on something bigger. Roll out the Devilfish.

As you can see it's very WIP at the moment. I have a few bleed line issues and some of the chosen colours need changing but all in all I'm happy with progress. my main problem is I went at it not knowing what I wanted to do so sort of guessed my way along before stopping to think. If any of you out there have some inspiration to share let me know.

Lastly. I went back to a standard brush and gave a drone a go.

Let me know what you think as I'm always open to new ideas.....

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  1. Those are very nice lines on your Devilfish. That's hard to do.