Monday, 11 January 2010

Break from the Norm.....

As previously mentioned here’s a few of the small conversions I've been up to. They're not as ambitious as some of the guys out there, as I’m a bit reluctant to chop up good models but I’m slowly getting braver,

First up is my next Shas’ui, for some reason locked away in my head the leader should never wear a helmet so I’ve carved up another head added some damage and used it on the base. I also wanted a standard barer so using a gun support arm I removed the hand spun it round and used some brass rod as the pole with part of an Ethereal symbol of office as the cap. I plan to add a green stuff flag, but that’s next weekend.

Next up is a plain old Firewarrior. I’ve used the Binocular hands from the tank guy sprue, carved the one arm off and added a pulse rifle. I have also chopped too sets of legs apart to make them look like they are stepping up on to the slate (stolen from the garden) for a better view.

Talking of the tank guy sprue, I tried to create a unique Tank commander by again removing one of the arms from the binoculars and adding a Carbine arm. I then chopped most of the carbine away and added the end of a pulse rifle to create a smaller more single handed weapon. To finish I added a piece of left over lead as a thumb.

Last but not least, My Ethereal. I Have removed his symbols of office and added an honour blade. Made of Brass rod with the symbol of office added to the base of the pole and some bits from the good old bits box to decorate the top. I’m planning to add a blade later, which I’m currently on the hunt for.

They're still a bit rough but after a quick tidy with the file and a base coat they should look a bit more complete.


  1. Looking good. Simple conversions that will help add character to your army without killing off any models. I really like the way you have reused parts of each model in the others and so added so much without losing anything.

    Looking forward to seeing them painted up. I should try for some conversions soon but I have too much else to do. Oh well.

  2. Thanks, I never throw anything away. You never know when it will come in handy.

  3. Good to see someone adding character to their Tau with simple conversions. Hopefully GW will give the Tau some bitz packs like the Space Marines (DA, RW, BT, SW, BA... etc.) to make your job easier in the future!