Friday, 8 January 2010

Colours are calling me

I've finally started to paint.

First out of the box after the few Fireworriors I have finished was my XV8 commander. He is not quite finished yet but I wanted to show everyone what I'm up to at the moment.

I have a few small conversions I've been doing over christmas with a tank guy and an ethereal, which i will get on here soon.

sorry about the picture quality, it was on my phone....

Ill add some more photos and some more models when the camera battery is charged and the paint is dry


  1. He's looking pretty solid right now. I like the simple and tasteful colour scheme.

    That commander looks like he will have a lot of dakka on the field. How has he played out in your games?

  2. A very nice color scheme; the blue-gray and orange are nicely complimentary. The Sa'cea sept would be proud. :)

    And no worries about the picture quality; I take phone photos all the time. I so need a better camera...

  3. Nice to see you off the bench :)

    and some good edge highlighting on top of a nice colour scheme and the guy has a good degree of "pop"

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    It took a long time to choose the colour scheme, and im please with how well it works.

  5. The scheme looks great as well as the painting itself!

  6. hey i am new to tau and was wondering how far do fire warriors and battlesuits move? btw nice models