Monday, 18 January 2010

Stealth Decision

The next figure to receive the paint treatment is a Stealth Trooper.

Originally I was going to paint them a dark green. I got so far as to basecoat them in the chosen colour. But after receiving a Shadowsun for Christmas and loving the white armour I decided to change. I gave it two thin coats of white to get rid of the green then 1 coat of black wash to fill in the detail. Then went at it with the topcoat.

I’m happy with the results although the finish could be a little smother. I’m hoping that the new clean ones will receive paint a little better.

Sorry again for the picture quality they are much darker than the true result.


  1. Wicked Colour scheme.

    really looks like this is the way these guys were meant to be painted, all that gundam heritage shining through :)

    not sure it's very stealthy though :)

  2. They're looking cool and I can't wait to see you paint up Karitas' conversions.

  3. Thanks for your comments I'm really pleased with how the new colours work, and as you said Pete cant wait to see them on Karitas's Conversion's

  4. I love this color scheme. It's a classic Sci-fi scheme and it looks really good!

  5. Nice color scheme! It really plays off the design of the miniature well.

    If you have photo-editing software, you might tweak the brightness/contrast settings. I find my photos come out too dark or a little off thanks to my less-than-ideal lighting conditions, and a little Photoshop editing goes a long way.

  6. Nice scheme, reminds me of Jetfire from Transformers Gen 1.